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Physical Therapy Services

Conditions We Treat

At GroundWork Physical Therapy all treatments are one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Balance Problems and Falls

GroundWork Physical Therapy uses modern management of the aging adult for effective exercise dosing to prevent frailty and falls. 


Getting older does not mean getting weaker!  


Balance program and interventions include:

  • innovative and challenging work to build movement strategies 

  • activities to enhance vestibular function

  • identify why falls may occur and how to prevent them

Treatments are always one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy using evidence based interventions for successful aging.

Parkinson Disease

At GroundWork Physical Therapy we offer Parkinson's specific programs including PWR! Moves® Certified Therapy.

Our rehab is research-based, exercise forward and specific to the individual. Together with our clients we create dynamic and effective programs for people with Parkinson Disease and associated motor disorders. Exercise have been shown to improve movements and symptoms at every stage of Parkinson's disease, we can show you the right ones for your stage of disease. 

Post Hospitalization, Medically Complex

We understand that the journey to recovery after a hospital stay, particularly for those facing complex medical conditions, can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Our specialized program is designed to move you through the continuum from sickness towards wellness


  • Cancer related weakness or mobility problems

  • Weakness and impairments related to kidney disease or dialysis

  • Sarcopenia

  • Total Joint Replacement 

Additional Neurological Conditions

We help people build their brain and body strength with these conditions using up to date research on best treatments and approaches.

  • Adult Cerebral Palsy

  • Multiple Sclerosis 

  • Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Lower Extremity Amputation


Stroke can cause a variety of impairments, depending on the regions of the brain impacted. We use training in various neuro therapy techniques including NDT, GMI/NOI biofeedback and functional training to create a customized rehab program for individuals recovering from stroke. Our therapy offerings are best suited for individuals who are independently ambulatory.

Modern Management of the Older Adult Certification
Parkinson Wellness Recovery certified therapist
Stroke Awareness Oregon
balance and mobility with physical therapy in Bend Oregon

Get in Touch

Still have questions? Let's start your journey to recovery and improved well-being. Contact GroundWork today.

What to Expect

At GroundWork Physical Therapy, we are here for you, providing one-on-one attention with a Doctor of Physical Therapy that tailors your care to your exact needs and goals. Join us for a hands-on, dedicated approach to your path of recovery and peak performance. 

Initial Evaluation

All of your treatment, beginning with the initial evaluation, will be with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Your physio will talk to you like a human, ask you questions to assess what is important to YOU.  You will be asked to perform some movements and tests to diagnose the issue. Together with your PT, you will build a plan to recovery!


Follow up treatments are all about building your brain and body heath to restore confidence and get you back to doing the things you love.

 Sessions will be tailored to your needs and preferences while delivering the necessary challenge to improve your strength and function.

Wellness Visit

Are you looking to optimize your brain and body health with an expert who understands that strength is a predictor of cognitive performance in older adults? 

Are you looking to thrive in your 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s? 

Wellness visits are available to help you age well after PT is over.  Call us for details and pricing.

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