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Patient Resources

GroundWork Physical Therapy is available to make sure we are a fit for your physical therapy needs. Contact us to discuss what you are going through and how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about referrals and insurance?

A  referral from your primary care provider is not required to do an initial evaluation.  We contract with most major insurance companies.

What should I bring to my first visit?

Here are items we suggest you bring:

  • Your ID

  • Completed and signed forms 

  • Current valid insurance card or printout 

  • Preferred form of payment (co-pays and deductibles are due at time of service)

  • Your physician's prescription for physical therapy, if applicable

  • Wear comfortable workout style clothes (including shoes and socks)

  • If you use an assistive device (like a cane or walker) or use other braces that relate to the problem you need help with, please bring that with you

Can physical therapy help me?

Absolutely!  Please contact GroundWork Physical Therapy at (541) 728-2808 or and we can discuss your condition.  If you would be better served by another provider, we will help connect you to the right resources. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

Contact GroundWork Physical Therapy at (541) 728-2808 or to schedule an evaluation or a free phone consultation.

What are you doing to keep patients safe from COVID and other communicable illness?

Your safety is important to us at GroundWork Physical Therapy. Here are steps that we are taking:

  • We are fully vaccinated.

  • We see only one person at a time, no shared spaces during treatment. 

  • We have a HEPA air filtration system in the clinic

  • We frequently disinfect all treatment areas, door handles, equipment, countertops and electronic devices.

  • We perform frequent handwashing or sanitizing and we ask that you do as well.

What should I know about your waiting room?

Funny you should ask, the clinic does NOT have a waiting room.  If you arrive early please wait in your vehicle until your appointment time. Thank you for understanding.

Do you treat pediatric patients?

No, we do not treat children.  Your child's primary care provider will refer you to the appropriate resources available in Central Oregon.    

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